Reliability, professionalism, qualification, tradition, quality and accessibility

Our employee could take just dust on his shoes from secured objects.

JUDr. Bohdan Ujváry, procurator Slovakia Security ®, s.r.o.

Slovakia Security ®, s.r.o. has worked in the field of private security services for almost 20 years.

Slovakia Security ®, s.r.o. is a free continuation to one of the oldest commercial security services, which started its business in this field immediately after the change of the social system.

We provide our clients with nonstop services, 24 hours a day. Protection of customers´ interests is our priority mission.

The main principles of our work consist of:

  • Customer‘s satisfaction
  • professional approach
  • legality of the acts of our employees
  • operativeness in the performance of the provided services
  • indivual approach to every customer
  • permanent monitoring of the performance of the services
  • continuous evaluation of the security situation in every secured subject
  • quality of provided services in every subject of the business

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