Slovakia Security®, s.r.o. offers its business partners services not only in the field of private security, such as:

  • guarding service,
  • detective service,
  • professional training and consulting.

but offers other activities in relation to the main business subject, for example:

  • organizing service
  • providing informer service
  • cleaning and mucking services
  • management and maintenance of residential and non-residential premises
  • etc.

The field of performance of the security services contains the listed performance of the activities:

security service:

  • protection of the property in a publicly accessible place
  • protection of the property in other than a publicly accessible place
  • protection of the transportation of property and person
  • securing order on public gatherings
  • creating protection plans (security examination of the objects, proposal of the regime measures

detective service:

  • people search
  • property search
  • monitoring of the activity of person in the closed environment or in other closed place
  • obtaining data, which could serve as an evidence in court or for administrative authority
  • obtaining data about personal condition of a natural person and obtaining information about activity of a natural person or a corporate body or about their financial status
  • obtaining information in relation to the exaction of claims or
  • obtaining data illicit offences threatening trade secrets

Professional preparation and consulting

  • preparation for performance of the guarding service
  • providing professional advice by pursuit of the guarding service.